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Become an Angel Band Project “Roadie” by joining our monthly-giving program!

Become an Angel Band Project “Roadie”

Become an Angel Band Project “Roadie” by joining our monthly-giving program! Just as a band’s Road Crew plays an integral part in making a live performance happen, our “Roadie” monthly members provide the groundwork of financial support for The Angel Band Project to provide music therapy services to survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Board-certified music therapists lead therapeutic workshops and use music to heal and bring inner peace to survivors of these forms of trauma.

To join the band, simple click on the donate button, determine your desired level of monthly giving, and designate monthly gift. You can use a credit card, debit card or bank draft. Your tax deductible monthly member gift will be run at the end of each month, and you will receive an email receipt and update on our current programs and events.  An annual summary statement will be sent at the end of each year. Our Roadies also receive special promotional items, first notice on events, and discounts on selected event tickets.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s all I can say. I cannot express how much this has helped me.”

— – Angel Band Project Music Therapy Participant

Levels of Giving

Choose your monthly gift amount. All monthly gifts are tax deductible. Thank you!

Tech member

$10/month, $120 annually
Provides one survivor with six, 90-minute music therapy sessions.

Designer member

$25/month, $300 annually
Give voice to three survivors with six, 90-minute music therapy sessions.

Manager member

$50/month, $600 annually
Helps us serve six survivors with six, 90-minute music therapy sessions.

Producer member

$100/month, $1200 annually
Profoundly impacts the lives of twelve survivors with six 90-minute music therapy sessions.

Custom Level

Choose your own level of monthly giving.


Hear What Other People Are Saying...


My husband Rodney and I attended an ABP event several years ago where Rachel explained how to be a Roadie. We jumped at the chance to become monthly donors to support this amazing organization. It makes donating so easy! We have payment set up automatically and receive regular updates about what programming our money supports. There is an annual event to celebrate Roadies and it is so fun to meet with all the other Roadies and share why we stay engaged with this mission. I cannot think of an easier way to support music therapy for survivors than becoming a Roadie!

Deb Busch

The reason I support The Angel Band Project each month through the monthly giving program, is because of the love and support I received in 2016 when I participated in music therapy for the first time. Being a part of “Songs of Survival” CD, lifted such a weight off my shoulders, and melted away all the suffering and pain I endured throughout my life. I was amazed in my ability to write and create such a powerful song, “I’m Not Silent Anymore,” with help from my music therapist Courtney Ardnt. Please give, so that others who are struggling to survive the violence, can bring love, joy, and happiness back to their lives.


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