Using music to break the silence and provide healing for rape survivors.

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Taking a stand and speaking out for survivors.

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Creating positive social change.

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Sexual violence is a silent issue. We’re working to break the silence and inspire people to engage with this issue through the transformative power of music. In doing so, we hope to provide healing for survivors and foster a society that’s not only willing to listen, but ready to change. 

We are Angel Band Project.

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The Project is dedicated to:

Funding music-based therapy programs that assist in the healing process for victims of sexual assault
Holding live public music events and speaking engagements to create awareness of this issue and empathy for survivors
Educating students on this issue through campus activities
Creating partnerships with other creative organizations to collectively take a stand on this issue

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.

Virtual Choir

What is a Virtual Choir?  It’s a choir that allows people from all over the globe to sing in solidarity on the issue of sexual violence.  We have chosen the song “One Voice,” an original composition by the female trio Wailin’ Jenny’s

Speaking Engagements

If you would like to obtain more information on a presentation for your audience, please contact Rachel Ebeling


Hear What Others Have to Say.

“What to say about the Angel Band project?  Amazing, emotional, inspiring, powerFULL energy that generates a life-force all of it’s own.  It is a memorial to grief and loss, avenue for healing, testimony to survival, a call to education and action and a celebration of life all rolled into one big experience.   It is not something easily passed over or forgotten.”

Susan Faupel — Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault

“As a social work teacher, I want people to understand, learn and feel what survivors of sexual assault may encounter. The Angel Band Project is reaching out, educating, and touching people. I applaud The Angel Band Project because it effectively reaches people on a topic that is often not talked about – sexual assault.”

Dr. Susan Tebb — School of Social Work, St. Louis University

“The Angel Band Project turns loss into hope and healing by harnessing the power of music to educate, inspire and promote lasting change.  They are a welcome addition to the movement to end sexual violence in Missouri.”

Gail Reynoso — Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

“Sexual violence will only be stopped when the silence around this tragic, life-altering issue is ended. Through their music, the Angel Band Project has raised their collective voice to end the silence and send a resounding message of understanding, hope and renewal.”

Kathleen Hanrahan — Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

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