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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

— Victor Hugo

NYC Songs of Survival CD

$ 13.00 USD

Each song on the “Songs of Survival NYC” album was was written, performed, and recorded by a survivor of sexual violence. The album was produced with professional musicians at Dolan Studios and Flux Studio in New York City between February 2020 and October 2021. The album, which is available for purchase as both a digital download and a physical CD, showcases the talent and resilience of the participants, and serves as a powerful testament to the strength and courage of survivors of sexual violence. Songs of Survival NYC" was a labor of love, connection, and trust in the process from beginning to end. The women who wrote the songs with their music therapist have shared their stories of survival with open hearts and courage. With the immense musical talent of the local musicians and engineers who helped to shape the sound of this album it is evident in each song and musical offering that music has the power to heal.

Women’s Black Loose-fit T-shirt

$ 30.00 USD

Show everyone that you are “in the band” with this stylish t-shirt containing the gold “flame” symbol on the chest and the “I’m with the band” The Angel Band Project logo on the back. *Price includes shipping & handling

Heather Blue T-shirt

$ 30.00 USD

Proudly support The Angel Band Project by wearing this sporty unisex t-shirt in heather blue. *Price includes shipping & handling

The Angel Band Project “Flame” Hat

$ 25.00 USD

Tervis Tumbler

$ 25.00 USD

The best-insulated drinkware on the market. Keeps beverages hot or cold. 16 ounces with lid.

White Jade “Flame” Beaded Bracelet

$ 35.00 USD

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