Agency and Program Partners

We work with the following agencies to provide free music therapy services for survivors in crisis

A Very Special Thanks
to all of our Amazing Partners

We appreciate the support and partnership of the agencies and universities who promote our mission.

What Others Are Saying

"When I first heard the heartbreaking story of rape and murder victim Teresa Butz, and as I've watched her surviving partner Jen, her friends Jean and Rachel, and her extraordinarily musical family come together to create an album in Teresa's honor, I've been moved by the gorgeous music they are making.  For those of us who have lived through or lost someone to violence, there is no real closure.  The past often feels present -  and perhaps it should.  The beauty of The Angel Band Project isn't that it helps us to forget - it's that it helps us to endure."

Anne K. Ream
The Voices and Faces Project

“The Angel Band Project pioneers creative ways to break the silence surrounding sexual violence, raising awareness for an incredibly prevalent problem in today’s world. The Angel Band Project is a living testament to people joining together
in the midst of the most horrific tragedy to work together on something positive, whose net result is greater than one’s self.  An incredible living poem to all the lot, and a healing set of hands for all survivors.”

Michael Moritz Jr.
Tony Award-nominated Broadway Producer and The Angel Band Project Board Member

“After meeting Rachel Ebeling, I could feel her commitment, spirit and passion to help woman heal from sexual assault and domestic violence through the power of music. In 2017, I performed at the Angel Band Project fundraiser with the help of other survivors and realized after hearing the applause that no one had ever stood up for me. Thank you The Angel Band Project for saving my heart and my life. I’m truly grateful and honored to be a part of this incredible organization.“

Debra Busch
Survivor and Client

Corporate Sponsors

We are grateful to be supported by so many worthwhile organizations who share our belief in supporting survivors and creating positive social change through the transformative power of music.

Corporate Sponsors contribute to the growth of our programming. Our Sponsors are highlighted on our website and include invitations to exclusive special events.

For questions, please contact The Angel Band Project at 314-240-5525.

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