Aria Rising

Starting conversations. Promoting understanding. Lending support.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

— Victor Hugo

What is Aria Rising?

Aria Rising is an interactive sculpture which symbolizes the singular voice of an assault survivor empowered by messages of hope.

Mission & Objectives:
1. To start conversations
2. To educate and inform
3. To promote compassion for survivors of sexual assault

Aria Rising's Inspiration

Aria Rising began with a group of designers at Divinemoira Studio who were inspired by the work of The Angel Band Project. This beautiful sculpture represent a sexual assault survivor, comprised entirely of recycled materials.

The spectacular, metal wings pay homage to The Angel Band Project, while the plastic tubes that make up her body provide a safe home for members of the community to leave messages of support for survivors. The notes are then collected, photographed, and shared with survivors who are in The Angel Band Project’s music therapy programs as part of their healing process. Aria Rising reflects the powerful process of healing and a survivor’s renewed hope.

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